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The nations foxes are all that is left of our native canid heritage and despite being extensively studied, there remains little understood about their past or their vital role as part of our natural ecology and they remain a target for political sport to this day, influencing how we perceive and manage them.

Our members give a voice to the natural world and to the thousands of foxes who live with human ignorance daily by pushing for change, sharing their natural history and helping to shape a better world.

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The Society is currently an unincorporated association, and with the right interest, we intend to develop a membership program that will enable us to finance our research, citizen science projects and community outreach programs, which we hope will provide rewarding benefits for the community as well as for the nations wild canids.

If you are interested in signing up for a full years membership with the Society, then please provide your contact details and we will be sure to email you once we have updates on the situation to share.

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