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With your contributions, we can make a difference.

The Society relies on your support to ensure the future of the UK's only remaining wild canid, the red fox. No matter what the donation, every contribution is critical for funding and supporting our work to understand and protect our wildlife and ecosystems.

We believe our is role now is more critical than ever. Our curators and collaborators are working tirelessly to unlock the answers to previously unknown issues facing the red fox and together, we can help tackle the current challenges they face.

Paypal: Terry Hooper-Scharf

Contributions, no matter how small, are greatly welcome. These funds will allow the ongoing study into extinct British fox species, continued study into fox deaths in and around Bristol and will allow me to further my research into rare and exotic fauna in the UK.

No official funding is available for this type of work.

Thank you.

Terry Hooper-Scharf - Fox, Wildcat and Ferals Study (1976)

Paypal: Black Foxes UK

The Forever Foxy Campaign began as a means to assist in the neutering, recapture and re-homing of silver foxes in need. Together with our community outreach and education programs, we seek to reduce the risk of escape, injury and death, whilst preventing the potential for inbreeding, exotic pet overpopulation and hybridisation.

Thank you, from myself and the foxes!

Hayley de Ronde - Black Foxes UK

Have Artifacts to Gift or Loan?

The Society accepts certain items and artifacts as donations. There is legal paperwork that must be completed when donating items, to cover us in the event of any later unforeseen issues. We currently do not take items on loan at this time but this policy may change, so please contact us if you think you have items that you feel may be of interest.

Items accepted include: British canid taxidermy and fur artifacts (pre-1920); British fox-themed art (pre-modern era); Published or printed material (hard-copy or digital) on any aspect of British canid natural history, fox-hunting or fur farming in the UK; Videos and photographs of people, places, activities and events relating to wild canids in the UK; Archived recordings relating to historical fox-hunting and fur farming in the UK.